Book summary:

The purpose of my work is to awaken consciences. To explain my feelings about stone materials and what he brought me after thirty years of work in stone, stone cutting, sculpture and study. This work on stone materials, very technical and Cartesian, also gives a humanistic vision, spiritual, philosophical. The stone is alive, thinking, with a real willpower. It is the materialization of the love of the Lord of spirits, of God. It answers a lot in its definition to this entity, this force, this energy of life. The common man is not aware of this matter, he thinks it inert, lifeless. It is not so, I demonstrate it in sentences, parables, allegories, images. Rich of concrete experiences, I perspire this faith that I have towards the stone, I explain and cry my love for it. I gave to it everything, it gave me a hundredfold, I am today a happy and fulfilled man. I want to share it, I owe it above all, it is a duty of citizen and human.

Stone in every sense, all the essence.

Stone in every sense, all the essence – that’s all.