The project “Art2πR” aims to work the stone with children, teenagers and more.
This project has already emerged in some cities in France, including the city of Strasbourg in a sensitive neighborhood, where was made a stone castle with young people, but also in the city of Verdun, with the help of the socio-cultural center of STENAY on 3 blocks of monumental stone, and Conflans St Honorine (Yvelines) with a class of 4th grade with which were made 3 totems in large blocks of stone. This project was integrated into the school program of the year. The Academy appreciated this approach and decided to repeat it.

This project has no political or religious aims, it only supports the established fact that art must be more present in schools and come back in the education, but also that It is necessary to give a place to people in their neighborhoods and their cities, through actions like these, to improve their future.

A joint project |

People need to get together for a joint project in which they especially need to play an active part in a creative process.
Art can be a way to wake up their own sensibility.
Certainly, the ability to know how to express emotions is different depending on the subject. For some, we can talk about giving, for others we speak rather of spontaneity, absence of expressive barriers, which may nevertheless be the beginning of the notion of gift.
The speakers do not necessarily master the technique and yet, they are able to let emerge an emotion that takes its full dimension if it is the expression of something that comes from deep inside.

Vector of tolerance |

Art can encourage them to develop Human values because it promotes meetings between people, by the simple fact that it asks everyone to take into account the cultures, limits and differences of each individual, but especially the position of each one. Also, to the extent that everyone would express themselves together around the same stone, this artistic project can be a vector of tolerance, understanding and valorization.

Building a city |

This project has the desire to allow the exchange in general during which everyone brings his stone, his image for the edification of the common work of building a city, a better world.

Art2πR: Personal Collections |

Yann Jost founder of Art2πR is also a painter, sculptor and stonemason.

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